Chat Rules

Complaining about getting a Timeout, or indignantly asking why you got one, could result in a Ban. This is to keep returning trolls out of the chat.
Don’t demean me or any of the other chatters. Rudeness and insults could get you a Timeout or even a Ban. Insulting questions also fall into this category.
I do not care if you meant something “only as a joke”; homophobic, racist, sexist, and other distasteful remarks are unnecessary and unwanted here.
Exercise discretion and common sense. If you’re unsure about something, ask a Moderator. Spoilers are a Timeout. Spoiling the ending to a game is a Ban.
DO NOT post TinyURL,, or URL shortened links. Spammers use them, so Moderators BAN ON SIGHT when they see them. Also, please keep links relevant.
Don’t encourage piracy or explain how to subvert copyright. Linking directly to any pirated material is a Ban. Discussing piracy as a topic is tolerated.
I’m happy to receive advice and help, but this is not an invitation to tell me to play a certain way or be bossy. Keep your commentary helpful and refrain from blurting out answers.
If a Moderator asks you to stop a behavior, or gives you a Timeout for it, it isn’t open for debate. Whining about a Timeout after the fact is only going to earn you another Timeout.
This is a gaming stream — not a “life cast” stream — so don’t tell me to put up a webcam. If you want to look at pretty girl gamers with webcams, there are plenty of other streams for that.